[Vaneigem, Raoul]. Carte blanche a Raoul Vaneigem – “Les plaisirs et les ombres”, Derives d’ambiances.  Bruxelles: Fondation pour l’Architecture, n.d. [1996]. One Booklet (n.p. [16 p.]; 11 x 15 cm.; off-white wrappers with text in black) and ~25 cards (11 x 15 cm.; black ink on thick, off-white stock).

Catalog-like publication issued on the occasion of the exhibition Carte Blanche a Raoul Vaneigem at the Fondation pour l’Architecture in Bruxelles, Belgium between 16 January and 17 March 1996. The principle of the exhibition was as follows: “Responding to an invitation by the Foundation for Architecture and with the greatest liberty afforded to him, Raoul Vaneigem defined the project of an exhibition-itinerary, which is all at once visual, poetic, and philosophical. This itinerary is composed of a series of “derives d’ambience” that link contemporary works of art with texts by Raoul Vaneigem in original ways. It symbolizes, in a subjective manner, the multiple and contrasted perception of our current urban culture.” (translation is mine).

The exhibition included works by artists Stefan Branz, Gilles Barbier, David Boeno, Anne Bregeaut, Claude Closky, Tony Cragg, Mark Dion, Gotscho, Raymond Hains, Carsten Hoeller, John Kessler, James Lee Byars, Francois Loriot & Chantal Melia, Paul McCarthy, Allan Mc Collum, Bruce Nauman, Gilbert Peyre, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Presence Panchounette, Markus Raetz, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Patrick Raynaud, Thierry Renard, James Rosenquist, Roland Roure, Pierrick Sorin, Ernest T., Wolfgang Tillmans.

The small booklet includes a short bio-bibliographical sketch, a brief text by Raoul Vaneigem, a brief essay by Jean-Michel Ribettes, and a comprehensive list of work of arts exhibited. Each of the 20-odd cards features a quotation from one of Vaneigem’s works.

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