[Nash, Jorgen and Jens Thorsen]. Nash og Thorsen – Galerie Pass-Partout – Kobenhavn – 16.3.1963 [ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPHED POSTER]. Copenhagen: Galerie Passe-Partout, 1963. Two-sided lithographed poster;  31 x 43 cm. Signed by Nash.

Poster for the 1963 exhibit by Nash and Thorsen at Galerie Pass-Partout in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tommy Kirkegaard notes that “1963 was an important and scandalous year in Danish Situationism including the Little Mermaid scandal, the decapitating the statue in Copenhagen Harbour and Asger Jorn refusing the Guggenheim Prize”. The “Nashists” were excluded in 1962, so this is one of the very early works of the “Second Situationist International”

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