Various Artists. Lipstick Traces. n.p. [London?]: Rough Trade Records, 29 June 1993. 1 cassette tape (two-sided); 10.5 x 7 cm; plain cover with song listing

“This is a soundtrack to Lipstick Traces : A secret History of the 20th Century (1989), by Greil Marcus, published in the US by Harvard University PRess, in the UK by Penguin Books, in Germany by Rogner & Bernhard, in Italy (as Trace di Rossetto) by Leonardo Editore, and in Spain (as Rastros de Carmin) by Anagrama” (inside leaflet)

“This is a sort of accompanying soundtrack to Greil Marcus’ book Lipstick Traces. It features music by The Slits and The Buzzcocks, ambiences of London concert halls (such as the Roxy and Roundhouse), Dada (Tzara, Janco, Huelsenbeck, Haussmann) and Lettrist (Brau, Wolman) sound poetry, and excerpts from the soundtrack to Debord’s Howls for Sade and Critique of Separation” (Gonzalvez 162, traduction is mine)

This is similar to the CD version I posted about a few days ago. However, this demo cassette tape is unaccounted for on both Discogs and OCLC. Only artists are listed, not song titles. But the key difference is that the song “A Boring Life” by The Slits is missing here, (it will appear as the opening track in the commercially-released CD and LP versions), perhaps because the copyright had not been obtained yet when the tape was released.

Full tracklist on Discogs  ( ; accurate except for “A Boring Life” by the Slits.

All audio track available at Ubuweb (

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