Debord, Guy and Canjuers, P, [pseud. Daniel Blanchard]. Préliminaires pour une définition de l’unité du programme révolutionnaire. Paris: n.p., 20 July 1960. 4 p.; 26 x 19.5 cm.; black ink on off-white paper.

Important text meant to serve as a shared theoretical between the groups Internationale Situationniste and Socialisme ou Barbarie (S&B). Led by Cornelius Castoriadis, S&B was a radical libertarian group active from 1948 to 1965. Rejecting Leninism, it embraced and advocated for council communism. At its peak, the group had about a hundred members, including both workers and intellectuals. Popular figures who militated with S&B include French linguist Gerard Genette, (future) negationist Pierre Guillaume, Vietnamese Trotskyist Ngo Van, Philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard, Marxist activist Henri Simon and, of course, both Daniel Blanchard and Guy Debord.

Debord joined Socialisme ou Barbarie in 1960 and left the following year. This brief membership is important because it constitutes an early manifestation of Debord’s desire to make the SI more of a political movement (by 1962, the bulk of the artists had been excluded from the organization).

A detailed account of the relationship between Debord and S&B, as well as how S&B might have influced Debord (and vice-versa) can be located here:


The text was reprinted a number of times: in Notes critiques no.3 (1962), Mirella Bandini’s L’Estetico il politico. Da Cobra all’Internazionale Situazionista 1948-1957 (1977, 1999), Daniel Blanchard’s Debord, dans le bruit de la cataracte du temps, suivi de “Préliminaires pour une définition de l’unité du programme révolutionnaire” de P. Canjuers & G.-E. Debord [1960] (2000, 2005). In this latter text, Daniel Blanchard discusses the relationship between Debord and S&B in some detail.

The original text is available online at An English translation by Ken Knabb is available at the Bureau of Public Secrets (

Gonzalvez 112. Raspaud & Voyer 11. BnF 134 & 219.

We locate two OCLC copies, at Yale and the Bibl. Nationale de France (BNF) in Paris.

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