Rumney, Ralph and Berreby, Gerard. The cheque is not the money. Marseille: Editions Salon du Salon, 2016. Risograph print on A3 (29.7 x 42 cm.) Munchen Lynx Rough 150g paper. One of 50 signed and numbered copies.

Gerard Berreby’s homage to his friend Ralph Rumney, whom he visited regularly in his Manosque apartment while the two of them collaborated on Le Consul (Paris: Allia, October 1999). Once, then-bedridden Rumney asked for a small sum of money, and Berreby complied. In return, he received a small handwritten note with the following text: The cheque is not the money.

As Berreby notes, Rumney’s text is a clever allusion to Marcel Duchamp’s Tzanck Check in 1919: Out of money, Duchamp offered to pay his dentist with a handwritten check, stamped by him – a unique piece of art. The note also alludes to Korzybski’s celebrated The Map is not the Territory.

More than fifteen years later, Berreby  chose to enlarge the note and create a limited edition print.  It is available at


SdS #8 - Reprise 1, 15 janvier 2016, signature The cheque is not the money, édition risograph A3, par Gérard Berréby, (Allia) en résidence au Salon du Salon pour la préparation du livre : Histoire d’un (vrai) faux ( à paraître aux éditions Salon du Salon - Printemps 2016).Commande de l’édition Risograph :