RUMNEY, Ralph. [Original, untitled drawing]. 1957. 24 x 19 cm; red and black ink on brown cardboard stock.

An original drawing made by a young Ralph Rumney in 1957, which was a very productive year for the 22/23-year old artist. That year he:

  1. Participated in the “First Exhibition of Psychogeography”, presented by the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus, the Lettrist International and the London Psychogeographical Committee at Taptoe Gallery in Brussels (February)
  2. Participated in the pivotal Metavisual Tachiste Abstract exhibition mounted by the Redern gallery in London (4 April to 4 May). Rumney displayed 14 of his works including “The Change”, which would ultimately be purchased by the Tate (in 1989). (
  3. Co-founded the Situationist International by merging his London Psychogeographical Association (of which he was the sole member) with the Letterist International and the Movement For An Imaginist Bauhaus (May)
  4. Conducted psychogeographical forays into Venice, which ultimately led to “The Leaning Tower of Venice – as well as Rumney’s exclusion from the Situationist International (May).
  5. Met Pegeen Guggenheim (Peggy’s daughter) at a gallery opening at Hanover Gallery, instantly falls in love, and runs away to Paris with her. This same year, she gets pregnant with Sandro (born 1958)