KOTANYI, Attila. [Original, untitled drawing]. 1960. 50 x 65 cm; colored inks on thick white stock. Provenance: Guy De Sauvage (Belgian painter and friend of Kotanyi).

Original drawing by Attila Kotanyi, one of the lesser-known figures of the Situationist International, during his exile in Belgium in the aftermath of the failed Hungarian revolution (1956).

Kotanyi’s joined the SI in the Spring of 1960, In a letter to Pinot-Gallizio dated 16 May 1960, Debord writes: “Parmi les “nouvelles recrues de l’I.S.”, je viens de rencontrer Attila Kotányi. Il est sensationnel : et Asger est très content.” (“Among the ‘new recruits to the SI’, I just met Attila Kotanyi. He is amazing: and Asger is very happy”). Kotanyi was excluded in 1963 for his alleged “Christian mysticism”. (see https://thesinisterquarter.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/on-the-exclusion-of-attila-kotanyi-2/).

In those short years, Kotanyi made numerous contributions to the SI

  • “Gangland et Philosophie” (Issue 4, p.33) (English)
  • “Rapport a la IVe conférence” (Issue 5, p.24)
  • “Programme élémentaire du bureau d’urbanisme unitaire” (issue 6, p. 16) (English)
  • “L’étage suivant” (issue 7, p. 47)
  • (with Guy Debord and Raoul Vaneigem) “Theses sur la Commune” (first released as a tract, then reprinted in issue 12) (English)

Little has been written about Kotanyi and his role in the SI. We find an article here: http://exindex.hu/print.php?l=en&page=3&id=989