RADCLIFFE, Charles (Ed.). Heatwave 1London: Heatwave, July 1966. 40 p.; ill.; 21 x 28 cm.; orange wrappers with text in black.

GRAY, Chris and RADCLIFFE, Charles (Eds.). Heatwave 2. London: Heatwave, October 1966. 36 p.; ill.; 21 x 28 cm.; red wrappers with text in black.

Short-lived, yet influential magazine edited by Charles Radcliffe alone (issue #1, July) then in collaboration with Chris Gray (issue #2, October). A third issue appears to have been largely drafted, but never published. To date, only issue #1 has been reprinted (in 1993). Thankfully, full scans of the first two issues can be found on Charles Radcliffe’s website at  http://charlieradcliffe.com/heatwave/

For Radcliffe, “Heatwave 1 & 2 were direct descendants of The Chicago Rebel Worker and came from the revolutionary ferment that surrounded us.” Indeed, Heatwave‘s launch is advertized in issue #6 of The Rebel Worker, which was edited by the Rosmonts in the United States. Heatwave is lauded in the pamphlet De la Misère en Milieu Etudiant (On the Poverty of Student Life) in Fall 1966: “One thinks here of the excellent journal Heatwave, which seems to be evolving toward an increasingly rigorous radicality”.

Charles Radcliffe was a member of the English section of the Situationist International from December 1966 to November 1967. Guy Debord did not view Radcliffe’s contributions to the SI in a favorable light. In a letter to Robert Chasse dated 23 December 1967, he writes that “Radcliffe n’avait rigoureusement rien fait en dix-huit mois, et finalement avait amicalement formule sa démission a Chris…” (English: Radcliffe had done literally nothing in eighteen months, and had eventually handed his resignation to Chris [Gray] (Corrrespondance vol. 0, p. 338).