[DEBORD, GUY]. Guy Debord – Un art de la guerre. n.p. [Paris]: n.p. [Bibliotheque Nationale de France], n.d. [2013].  1 p.; ill.; 120 x 160 cm.; colored poster.

Poster of the exhibition “Guy Debord – Un Art de la Guerre” held at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France between 27 March and 13 July, 2013. The photograph, which shows key members of the Situationist International, was taken at the London conference sometime between 24 and 28 September 1960. From left to right: Attila Kotanyi, Hans-Peter Zimmer, Heimrad Prem, Jorgen Nash, Maurice Wyckaert, Asger Jorn, Guy Debord, Helmut Strum, and Jacqueline de Jong.

This poster was never made available for sale, and is thus scarce.