[Internationale Situationniste]. Internationale Situationniste 1958-69. Amsterdam: Van Gennep, 1969. Tri-folded leaflet.; ill.; 32.6 x 19.7 cm.; black ink on white stock.

Promotional leaflet for the reprinting of all 12 issues of Internationale Situationniste by Van Gennep. The thick volume would ultimately be released in 1970 by the Dutch publisher.

The leaflet features two non-attributed comics. The first one features Debord, Hegel and Vaneigem in a dive bar. The other takes place at the Interpol headquarters, where senior police officers (including Paris’ own Grimaud) worry about the spread of Situationist ideas across Europe and the world.

Debord was quite pleased with this production. In a letter to Tony Verlaan, dated 22 July 1969, he writes: “Les dessins du comic sont très beaux. D’un côté, un rassemblement de situs dessinés dans un style qui évoque la gravure populaire du XIXe siècle. En face, un rassemblement de policiers, dans une forme très moderne et dépouillée (un peu le genre de certains comics publicitaires)” (Corr. Vol IV, p.100). In English: “The drawings of the comics are very beautiful. One on side, a gathering of situationists drawn in a style that evokes nineteenth century popular engraving. Opposite, a gathering of police officers, in a very modern, bare-born style (a bit like some advertising comics)”.

Not on OCLC. Scheppe & Ohrt 565.