Fordern wir das unmoegliche eine austellung uber die Situationistische Internationale. Hamburg: 8. Salon, n.d. [2019]. 10 x 15 cm two-sided postcard.

Postcard announcing the exhibition “Fordern wir das unmoegliche: eine austellung uber die Situationistische Internationale” held at 8. Salon in Hamburg, Germany from 13 October to 2 November 2019.

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The history of the Situationist International (1957-1972) has been the subject of several exhibitions since 1989, more or less respectful of the fact that such an endeavor collides with the self-understanding of the Situationists. In the meantime, however, the art market and ownership have deprived the necessary exhibits – whether “works of art”, publications or documents – of their free association. It has become almost impossible to realize such a project unbureaucratically and without great financial commitment. The exhibition in the 8th Salon will nevertheless try to present the subject, on the narrow line between memory and actualization; it will be both documentary, and thus deal with the “closed treasures”, as well as practically playful and open, that is, to show inventions or to formulate “values” that were first created for the exhibition. We show, among other things, the “war game” by Guy Debord in a version designed by Youssef Tabti and a sound collage by Hanna Mittelstaedt and HF Coltello.