KHAYATI, Mustapha. [De la Misere en Milieu Etudiant] Della Miseria Nell’ambiente Studentesco. Catania: Gruppo Anarchico M. Bakunin di Cosenza, November 1969. 32 p.; ill.; 17 x 23 cm.; ill.. White wrappers with text in black.


Second Italian edition by Luigi Lo Celso, following the Feltrinelli edition in 1967. “During 1969 he came into contact with some members of the Italian Section of the Situationist International. He appropriates the critical thinking of the situationists and begins its dissemination in Cosenza, distributing the first issue of the Italian edition of the magazine. In November of the same year, admist the student struggles that shake Cosenza, he translates and prints Della Miseria under the “Bakunin” Group imprint. This version is accompanied by explanatory notes and two of Celso’s own writing (more details at

This edition is not accounted on either OCLC or in the trade.