[Internationale Situationniste]. L’estremismo coerente dei situazionisti / O extremismo coerente dos situacionistas. Milan: Ed. 912, November 1968. 190 p.; ill.; 16.7 x 11.7 cm.; ill. Purple cover with text in black.


Early collection of Situationist works in translation, published before the Italian section of the S.I. could distribute its own texts.The front cover is illustrated with a portrait of Karl Marx stating (in Italian): “On 28 September 1964, it will be exactly one hundred years since we founded the Situationist International. It’s starting to take shape”. A leaflet was released by the S.I. on that day to commemorate the 100 year founding of the International Workingmen’s Association.

Contents include: A short chronology of the SI movement, translations into Italians of “De La Misere en Milieu Etudiant” (1966), “Adresse aux Revolutionnaires d’Algerie et de tous les Pays” (1965), “Le Declin et la Chute de l’Economie Spectaculaire-Marchande” (1965), “Contributions servant à rectifier l’opinion du public sur la révolution dans les pays sous-développés” (1967), “Le Point d’Explosion de l’Ideologie en Chine” (1967); “Definition Minimum des Organisations Revolutionnaires” (1968), a postface, a short bibliography, and a list of addresses for the S.I. and related groups (Heatwave, Zengakuren, Noir & Rouge…). A few of the above texts are also translated into Portuguese.

Raspaud & Voyer 143; Scheppe & Ohrt 356