[DEBORD, GUY]. [“A partir du mercredi 25 fevrier 1976″…] in Le Film Francais 1613. Paris: Le Film Francais, 20 Feb 1976.

Full page advertisement promoting the screening of Guy Debord’s films La Societe du Spectacle and Refutations de tous les jugements… at the Olympic Cinema in Paris, starting on February 25, 1976. The Olympic was the property of Frederic Mitterand, a nephew of French President Francois Mitterand (he would go on to become Minister of Culture and Communiation under Nicolas Sarkozy in 2009).

The screening of Debord’s films was disrupted when a commando unit seized the film reel. In a letter to Gerard Lebovici dated 5 March 1976, Debord discusses the incident and recommends that Lebovici follow a defined course of action, including press coverage of the incident (“an indignant, professional and democratic article” in Film Francais — which would never be written…)

The ad is reproduced in Oeuvres, p. 1314

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