KHAYATI, Mustapha. Contributi Che Servono a Rettificare l’Opinione del Publico Sulla Rivoluzione nei Paesi Sottosviluppati. Milan: Ed. 912, n.d. [1968]. 1 p. (two sided); ill.; 31 x 50 cm.; black and purple ink on white stock.

Two-sided poster released by Ed. 912 to promote the publication of l’estremismo coerente dei situazionisti, the first Italian language compendium of Situationist texts.

Side A: (1) Italian translation of Khayati’s “Contributions servant à rectifier l’opinion du public sur la révolution dans les pays sous-développés” (which was initially published in Internationale Situationniste 11 in October 1967); (2) front and back covers of the book L’estremismo coerente dei situazionisti.

Side B: Two detournements: (1) Mao shown reading a speech, stating “Noi seguiamo una politica consistente nell’unificare, nel criticare ed educare la borghesia nazionale” (Trans: “We do not follow a policy of unifying, criticizing and educating the national bourgeoisie”). The text is taken from Mao’s speech at the Eleventh Session of the Supreme State Conference, and was published in the People’s Daily on June 19, 1957. A longer excerpt (for context) follows

The contradiction between the national bourgeoisie and the working class is one between exploiter and exploited, and is by nature antagonistic. But in the concrete conditions of China, this antagonistic contradiction between the two classes, if properly handled, can be transformed into a non-antagonistic one and be resolved by peaceful methods. However, the contradiction between the working class and the national bourgeoisie will change into a contradiction between ourselves and the enemy if we do not handle it properly and do not follow the policy of uniting with, criticizing and educating the national bourgeoisie, or if the national bourgeoisie does not accept this policy of ours

(2) A naked Miss Martine Crown, from Miami Beach Florida, stating “La facilita con cui gli studenti si soddisfano dice tutto sulla lor impotenza. La rivoluzione proletaria o sara una festa o non sara” (trans: The ease with which students are satisfied says everything about their impotence. The proletarian revolution will either be a celebration or it will not be”). At the bottom of the page: “appropriandosi delle miserabili ideologie delle burocrazie sedicente socialiste del terzo mondo, gli studendi non fanno che riprodurre un frammento della passivita’ che opprime utti” (trans: “appropriating the miserable ideologies of the self-styled socialist bureaucracies of the third world, the students only reproduce a fragment of the passivity that oppresses all”)

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