VANEIGEM, Raoul (Ill. GHIN, Joseph). Pourquoi je ne vote pas et autres inedits – Tome 2. In sheets (8 sheets); ill.; 54 x 36 cm. (folded to 27 x 36 cm.); black ink (Garamond 28 font) on 250 gr. Fabriano Rosaspina paper

One of 30 copies (our #1), numbered and signed at the Colophon by author Raoul Vaneigem and illustrator Joseph Ghin. Housed in a tailor-made case by Patricia Demylle.

The is the second of two volumes of the original edition of Raoul Vaneigem’s Pourquoi je ne vote pas et autres inedits. A trade edition book was also published by “Cactus inebranlable” in 2017 Each of the sheets include an aphorism by Raoul Vaneigem and an engraving.

For the first volume, published in 2017 and now out of stock, see here

We do not locate copies in the trade or on OCLC.

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