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[Caribbean Situationist] Contributions Serving to Rectify the Opinion of the Public Concering the Revolution in Undeveloped Countries. London: Caribbean Situationist, July 1973. 60 x 46cm; white lithographed poster with black print

This beautiful poster – seemingly absent from institutional holdings – reproduces a translated text by Mustapha Khayati published in Internationale Situationniste no.11.The text had already been published as a brochure in 1971 by Create Situations, a US-based pro-situ group, under the title The Poor and the Superpoor: Contributions Serving to Rectify the Opinion of the Public Concerning the Revolution in Underdeveloped countries (see Ford 167).

Here, however, the text is produced in poster form and richly illustrated with black and white images that give a taste of the the uprising in the Hungary, Trinidad, and Jamaica. “The lower part of the poster advertises an LP entitled “None Shall Escape”, along with a blank space intended to denote a record shop where the LP would be available, here blank” (Division Leap) Overall, “a rare propagandizing poster from English situationists hoping to capitalize on Caribbean-emigre concerns about recent riots in their home countries” (Heart Fine Art)

Not in Ford, Vienet, and others